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German KPM porcelain plaque, titled "Ruth after Landelle," represents a true artistic gem.

Adorned with the distinguished K.P.M & Sceptre mark, this plaque bears the prestigious insignia associated with KPM porcelain, renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

The depiction titled "Ruth after Landelle" suggests a painting inspired by a work by the artist Landelle, portraying a scene related to the story of Ruth from biblical narratives. This portrayal captures a moment of grace, elegance, or emotion that resonated with the artist.

Such KPM porcelain plaques, especially when inspired by renowned artists or narratives, serve as a testament to the artistic prowess and attention to detail characteristic of the KPM brand. They stand as prized collectibles, cherished for their historical significance, artistic merit, and the legacy of excellence associated with the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur.


Height: 23 1/2"  (59 cm)
Width: 19 1/2"   (49 cm)

Height: 9 1/8"  (23 cm)
Width: 6 1/4"   (16 cm)

The Royal Porcelain Manufacture Berlin (KPM) was founded in 1763 by Frederick II of Prussia (Frederick the Great). Its actual origins, however, lie in three private enterprises, which, under crown patronage, were trying to establish the production of white gold (porcelain) in Berlin from the mid-18th century onwards. Louis Scherf (1870 - 1955) was an outstanding master in painting on porcelain. More than 80 of his porcelain plaques are part of the internationally renowned porcelain collection of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence.