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A Rare François Linke 'Suite de Chambre À Coucher',

Index number 1447 Paris, circa 1905-1906. Comprising of two beds, two bed side tables and a wardrobe.

Having acajou and oeil de vermeil cube parquetry, the wardrobe with two shelves and an adjustable shelf-drawer, both bedside tables with fleur de pêcher marble tops and white marble lined interior,

Signed F. Linke to the right-hand sides chutes.

Dimensions of beds: Height: 63 1/2 in Width 61 in Length 6 ft. 10 1/2 in. (161.5 cm; 155 cm; 209.5 cm)

Dimensions of Wardrobe: Height: 99 in Width: 57 1/2 in Depth: 19 1/2 in (251.4 cm; 146 cm; 49.55 cm)

Dimensions of Side Tables: Height: 32 in Width: 16 in Depth 16 in (81.2 cm; 40.6 cm; 40.6 cm)

Literature: C. Payne, François Linke, p. 445, pl. 526, showing a slight variant of the present pair of double beds in a watercolor interior project from the Linke Archives

Notes: Linke title: Lit Louis XV en bois d'acajou et mosaïque fronton carquois.

One of only two examples made by Linke, this double bed, made en suite with the much earlier armoire, index number 640, retailed at 1,400 francs. The Blue Book notes that the cabinet work took 212 hours, done by Korner in December 1905, at a rate of 80 centimes per hour. The mounting of the eight kilos of bronze by Alexis took 83 1/2 hours, at the higher wage of 1 franc 11 per hour. The notes include the mosaic parquetry work by Labbé, dated January 27, 1906.

It is interesting to note that a similar bed, part of index number 1447, is shown in a photograph of the bedroom of Arabella Huntington in New York