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This very fine 19th-century "Royal Vienna" hand-painted gilt bronze mounted porcelain covered urn is a testament to artistic beauty and craftsmanship.

The urn's 360-degree body, finely painted in the Bouguereau style, depicts a scene reminiscent of a painting by the master artist, with a maiden playing a lyre taking center stage. Other maidens in the background and a cherub gathering flowers near a river add layers of intricate detail and storytelling to the piece.

The swirly neck and base, characterized by their ornate and rare design, contribute to the urn's overall decorative appeal and uniqueness. Topped with a pomegranate finial, this piece boasts a level of artistry and attention to detail that is characteristic of Royal Vienna porcelain.

Marked with the under glazed Royal Vienna Beehive Mark, this urn bears the hallmark of authenticity and excellence associated with Royal Vienna porcelain craftsmanship. Its exquisite depiction and elaborate gilt bronze mountings elevate it to a work of art that encapsulates the elegance and artistic finesse of the late 19th century in Austria.

Austria, 19th Century

Height: 33"
Width: 12.5"
Depth: 12.5"