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The exquisitely carved 19th-century Italian alabaster group showcases a poignant depiction of Romeo and Juliet alongside a seated lady holding a flower. The intricate carving captures the essence of the iconic Shakespearean lovers in a moment of intimacy and emotion.

This stunning alabaster group is elevated on a green marble pedestal, adding to its grandeur. The pedestal, with a rectangular top and an octagonal base, provides a fitting stage for the beautifully crafted sculpture. The combination of the masterful carving in alabaster and the elegant presentation on the marble pedestal creates a captivating piece that embodies both artistic finesse and romantic storytelling.

Italy, Circa: 1880


Height with pedestal: 74"   (188 cm)
Height of group: 25.5"    (64 cm)
Width of group: 18"        (45 cm) 
Depth of group: 11"        (28 cm)