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This stunning French Charles X period ormolu mantel clock is an excellent example of the grace and elegance typical of that era.

The drum-shaped case, a focal point of the clock, portrays a scene of romanticism and tenderness. A young couple is depicted standing under the shelter of a palm tree amidst a floral setting, capturing a moment of intimacy as the lady delicately touches the man's hand. This sculptural element not only adds visual allure but also evokes a sense of emotion and narrative within the timepiece.

The clock itself is a marvel, boasting original ormolu work and housing an 8-day duration movement with silk suspension. It strikes the hours and halves on a bell, offering both precision and charm in its timekeeping.

Overall, this clock is a testament to the Charles X period's emphasis on refinement, artistic expression, and romantic themes, making it a prized possession that embodies both aesthetic and functional elegance.

France, Circa 1820

Dimensions of clock:
Height: 22" (55.8cm)
Width: 16" (40.6cm)
Depth: 5.5" (13.9cm)