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This large 19th-century Berlin rectangular porcelain painted plaque, crafted by the renowned KPM (Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur) of Germany, is a testament to artistic mastery and elegance.

The exquisite painting, skillfully rendered on porcelain, portrays a woman adorned in draped linens, her presence accentuated by the depiction of two angels hovering above her. The attention to detail and the artistry evident in the painting highlight the precision and talent of the KPM artisans.

Housed within an ebony and gold frame, this plaque is not just a work of art but a masterpiece presented in a setting that complements its beauty. Marked with the distinct KPM insignia and Sceptre Mark, it bears the hallmark of quality and authenticity associated with this esteemed porcelain manufacturer.

Such a piece from KPM encapsulates the sophistication and artistic excellence for which the brand is celebrated. It stands as a testament to the enduring allure of porcelain artistry, capturing a moment of ethereal beauty and grace that continues to captivate admirers across generations.

Height 16 3/4" (42 cm)
Width 13 7/8"  (35 cm)

Height 12" (30 cm)
Width 9 7/8" (23 cm)