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The centerpiece, a grand six-branch candelabra, is adorned with four exquisite figures—a seated lady and a seated man, each delicately holding baskets of flowers, accompanied by a standing boy and girl. Their presence brings a sense of life and elegance to the piece, their detailed craftsmanship reflecting the mastery of Meissen porcelain artisans.

Adorned with colorful encrusted and painted floral decorations against a pristine white ground, this centerpiece captures the essence of natural beauty and sophistication. The intricate floral motifs, carefully applied and painted, add a vibrant and enchanting touch to the overall composition.

Such a centerpiece not only serves as a functional candelabra but also stands as an artistic masterpiece, showcasing the renowned quality and artistry of Meissen porcelain. Its grandeur, coupled with the intricacy of its figures and decorative elements, makes it a captivating centerpiece that exudes timeless elegance and grace.

Marked with first quality Meissen under glazed blue cross swords mark

Germany, Circa 1890

Height: 20"
Width: 18"
Depth: 13"