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By Johann Von Zadorecki (Austrian / Hungarian)


The portrait by Marcel Johann Von Zadorecki paints a vivid picture of elegance and feminine poise. The young woman, captured in a classical setting, exudes a sense of grace as she gazes contemplatively from a balcony.

The artist skillfully employs contrasts in colors to accentuate the woman's presence. Her vibrant white and red robes stand out against the subdued tones of the background, drawing attention to her figure. Her hair, elegantly braided and adorned with a matching white veil, complements her modest yet graceful attire.

The detailing in her clothing, with the patterned stripes on the fabric and the contrast of black lines on the red cloak, adds depth and texture to the portrayal. The adornments, a coral beads necklace adorning her neck and a bracelet on her wrist, enhance her allure.

Adjacent to her rests a golden vase intricately engraved with slices of citrus fruit, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the scene. The portrayal of a sunset in the background sets a serene atmosphere, capturing a fleeting moment at the end of the day.

This captivating portrait, framed within its original wood frame, not only showcases the artist's attention to detail but also invites viewers to appreciate the elegance and timeless beauty of the subject in a serene and enchanting setting.

Signed and dated: M. J. Zadorecki / Wien 1874

Frame height: 46"  (117 cm)
Frame width: 35"   (89 cm)

Canvas height: 38.5"  (98 cm)
Canvas width: 28.5"   (72 cm)