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The vivid description paints a picturesque scene of a bustling tent market situated alongside the lush banks of the Nile. The foreground showcases camels alongside their merchants, seemingly engaged in trade within the vibrant market. A shade canopy, tethered to two palm trees, provides shelter from the scorching sun.

Nearby buildings along the water's edge cast subtle shadows, offering a reprieve from the intense midday sun, while the azure sky above contrasts against the soft, creamy tones of the market, sand, and camels. This interplay of colors and elements evokes a sense of the vast expanse of the desert while also drawing attention to the inviting and lively atmosphere of the market.

The scene creates a juxtaposition between the grandeur of the desert landscape and the warmth and allure of the market's promise: offering comfort, water, and shade amidst the expansive and sometimes harsh desert environment. This depiction skillfully captures the dichotomy of the desert's beauty and the market's inviting ambiance, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the scene's contrasting yet harmonious elements.

Augustus Osborne Lamplough, A.R.A., R.W.S (British, 1877-1930)
"An eastern market tent, Nile Valley"

Signed: A. O. Lamplough, 1914


Sight: 19" x 14"  (48 cm x 35 cm)
Frame: 27.5" x 22.5" (70 cm x 57 cm)

Lamplough was born in Manchester and studied at the Chester School of Art. He became a lecturer at Leeds School of Art having travelled and painted scenes in Europe, the Middle East & north Africa. He is perhaps best known for his desert scenes and views of Arab towns and cities. An Excellent watercolor artist he exhibited his work at the Fine Art Society, London, Royal Academy and the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, amongst others.