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This very fine 19th-century K.P.M plaque showcases a portrait of a dark-haired, blue-eyed young beauty, encapsulating a moment of timeless elegance and grace. Set within a lavish giltwood frame, this masterpiece exudes sophistication and refined taste.

The plaque is adorned with the signature "M.N Suhel," a testament to the skilled hand behind this captivating portrayal. Its depiction of a young lady with such striking features speaks to the artist's ability to capture both beauty and subtleties within their work.

Marked on the rear with the distinctive K.P.M and Sceptre mark, this plaque bears the hallmark of authenticity and excellence associated with K.P.M, known for its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Such a piece not only reflects the artistic finesse of the era but also serves as a window into the aesthetics and ideals of beauty that prevailed during the 19th century. It stands as a cherished example of fine artistry, inviting admiration for its delicate portrayal and the mastery of its creator, M.N Suhel.


Framed Height: 18"   (45 cm)
Frame Width: 15.5"   (30 cm)

Plaque Height: 
9 3/4"  (24 cm)
Plaque width: 7 3/8"   (18 cm)

Founded in Berlin in 1750 ‘KPM’ or 'Koenigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur' acquired its name and Royal patronage when the Prussian king, Frederick the Great, purchased the manufactory in 1760. Its distinguished trademark from then on became the royal blue sceptre, which is stamped (painted prior to 1837) on every piece. All painted pieces produced by KPM are signed by the painter. The complicated and exacting process of painting on porcelain became very popular in the mid to late nineteenth century. Drawing inspiration from old master portraits and genre scenes, artists were able to achieve incredible images embued with a luminous beauty through the translucent quality of the porcelain. KPM Porcelain represented the height of technical and artistic achievement during this period and large plaques particularly signed examples have become rare and highly sought after